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Hardly were we there when we had a horrible sight. Lastly, the encounter at Malines seems to have stung the Germans into establishing a reign of terror in so much of the district comprised in the quadrangle as remained in their power. The originals remain in the custody of the Home Department, where they will be available, in case of need, for reference after the conclusion of the War. We were insulted and threatened. Eye-witnesses worthy of credence detail exactly when, where, and how the firing commenced. It is possible that a small group of men may show a White Flag without authority from any proper officer, in which case their action is, of course, not binding on the rest of the platoon or other unit. About 12 other civilians were also shot in the market place. Alost was the scene of fighting between the Belgian and German armies during the whole of the latter part of the month of September. All villages, chateaux; and house are burnt down during the night. There might be some exaggeration in one witness, possible delusion in another. It was alleged by two German soldiers that these men had shot at them with rifles. For example, on or about the 21st of August, at Pepinster, two witnesses were seized as hostages and were threatened, together with five others, that unless they could discover a civilian who was alleged to have shot a soldier in the leg, they would.

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Out of it bursts our baggage train, and the 4th Company of " the 27th Regiment who had lost their way and been shelled by our own artillery. They saw two old men- between 60 and 70 years of age-and one old woman lying close to each other in the garden. No provocation whatever had been given. In every case the name and description of the witnesses are given in the original depositions and in copies which have been furnished to us.M. 32 gives an accurate picture of what took place in Louvain: "What a sad scene-all the houses surrounding the railway station completely destroyed-only some foundation walls still standing. These instances are sufficient to show that the maltreatment of women was no part of the military scheme of the invaders, however much it may appear to have been the inevitable result of the system of terror deliberately adopted in certain regions. Letters written to their homes which have been found on the bodies of dead Germans, bear witness, in a way that now sounds pathetic, to the kindness with which they were received by the civil population. Suddenly village A was fired. Though the cause of the massacre is in dispute, the results are known with certainty. The massacre of civilians at Louvain was not confined to its citizens. Some of these bodies were found in wells, and some had been burnt alive in their houses. Hague Convention dealing with the conduct of War On Land as adopted in 1907, Germany being one of the signatory powers. He was pushed up against the wall of the church. The Liege Fire Brigade turned out but was not allowed to extinguish the fire. Of this incident, which is spoken to by many witnesses, a clear account is given: "German soldiers came and took hold of me planc cul gratuit lethbridge and every other man they could see, and eventually there were about 60 of us, including some of eighty (i.e., years. Ly 27 years old 0. (c) THE USE OF civilians AS screens. Many shocking outrages are recorded. For instance, the dead body of a man is found lying on the doorstep, or a woman is seen who has the appearance of having been outraged. This catalogue of crimes does not by any means represent the sum total of the depositions relating to this district laid before the Committee. For two days and a half they were without food, and then they received a loaf of bread among ten persons, and some water. Many of the worst outrages appear to have been perpetrated by men under the influence of drink. Nulens 24 years old 0. The exact translation of the extract, grim in its brevity, is as follows: "24.8.14. The principal massacre at Tamines took place about August the 23rd. The Spirit of War is deified. After we got back to them I distinctly saw German soldiers come out of their trenches, go over the spots where our men were lying, and bayonet them. Another British officer who saw this incident is convinced that the Germans were acting deliberately for the purpose of protecting themselves from the fire of the British troops.

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VI., in the series entitled Kriegsgeschichtliche Einzelschriften, published in 1905. The burgomaster's brother and the priest were bayoneted. I also saw the body. A subsidiary cause alleged was the assertion, often made before, that civilians had fired upon the German army. That no excuse might be furnished for severities, the populations of many important towns were instructed to surrender all firearms into the hands of the local officials. Its worth can be estimated only by perusing the testimony as a whole. In one case a Red Cross Depot was shelled on most days throughout the week. Many civilians were marched to a field on the road to Louvain and kept there all night. Piffet 22 years old 0. From time to time references to these diaries will be found in the text of the Report. (September.) It is unnecessary to describe with much particularity the events of the period beginning about September 10th. One at least had been mutilated. The Germans broke into her house and ransacked it, and piled up all the eatables in a heap on the foot and relieved themselves upon. I saw an officer pull her corpse underneath a wagon." Another witness, who was taken from Aerschot, also describes the occurrence: "I was afterwards taken with a Irate number of other civilians and placed in the church at Louvain. There were about 120 bodies.

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Femme à la recherche de jeune femme de 20 annemasse A well-educated witness, who visited the Wetteren Hospital shortly after this date saw the dead bodies of a trans paris rencontre allschwil number of civilians belonging to Alost, and other civilians wounded. Herent.-At Herent the charred body of a civilian was found in a butcher's shop, and in a hand cart 20 yards away was the dead body of a labourer. A German cavalryman rode away holding in front of him one of the farmer's daughters crying and dishevelled.
Videostravestis xxx evergem One, an old lady of eighty-five- (name given)-was dragged from her cellar and taken with them to the station. The cases of violation, sometimes under threat of death, are numerous and clearly-proved. On the evening of August 25th a sudden change takes place.
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